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Message Series

By Pastor David Whitney

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  Series Title:  

  December 2017-Present   Joshua Series Sermons
  August - December 2017 On The Epistle of Paul to Philemon Series
  October 2000-Present   Non-Series Sermons
  October -November 2017 Celebrating The 500th Anniversairy of the Reformation Mini-Series
  August 2017-Present On The Epistle of Paul to Philemon Series
  January 2017 -August 2017   The Epistle to Titus
  April 2016-January 2017 On The Mountain With God Series
  February 2016-April 2016 Celebrating Our Lord
  October 2015-February 2016 True Law is God's Law Series
  March 2015-September 2015 The The King Has Come
  September 2014-March 2015 The Ten Commandments Series
  July -September 2014 The Wilderness Wanderings Series
  April  2014-June 2014   The Road to Jerusalem Series
  April 2013-March 2014 Let My People Go Series
  October 2000-Present   Non-Series Sermons
  April 2012-April 2013 Second Timothy Series
  December 2012 Christmas Series
  August 2011 -April 2012 The Biblical Doctrine of Origins
  February 2011 - August 2011 The  Prophet Elijah
  January 2011-February 2011   Commitment to Accountability
  February 2010-January 2011   First Timothy
  January-February 2010   Christlike Conflict
  July 2009--January 2010  The Word of the Lord Through Micah
  February 2008--June 2009   The  Gospel of Mark   
  January 2008    Shepherding the Flock
  November 2007--January 2008    The  Messianic Psalms   
  September 2007-November 2007    The Prophet Haggai
  June 2007--September 2007   Witnessing to Mohammedans
  February -June 2007   Second Thessalonians
  September 2002   Cornerstone's Core Values
  January-February 2007    Blessed are the Peacemakers
  December 2006    Songs of the First Advent
  May 2006--November 2006    On the First Epistle to the Thessalonians
  March 2006-April 2006   On The Road To Jerusalem
  January 2006-February 2006   Contemporary Issues
  June 2005-March 2006   The Prophet Malachi
  March 2005-June 2005   The Triumph and The Resurrection
  January 2005-May 2005   The Epistle of Jude
  October-December 2004   Christian Citizenship
  June-September 2004   The Prophet Zephaniah
  February-May 2004   The Passion
  February 2004   Tough Questions
  August 2003-January 2004   A Man Called Peter
  April-June 2003   The Resurrection
  December 2002-April 2003   Till He Comes
  December 2002   Giving The Very Best
  June-November 2002   Hope For The Lost
  April-June 2002   Peacemakers


Most of the sermons on these pages are in one of two formats. The older files are in .mp3 format. These are the files recorded and digitally mastered between April 2002 and the end of January 2004.   Files mastered since then were created in the new Motion Picture Experts Group 4--Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format and have an .m4a extension. The audio files in either format are approximately 35MB for the high bandwidth user's version. A smaller, but slightly lower quality version is available for those using a dial up connection to access the internet. These files are only 19-20 MB in size. These streams will play in iTunes on either a Mac or a PC. You can alternatively download the audio file first and add it to your iTunes library to listen to again and again.

These pages also contain bulletin pages in Joint Photographic Expert's Group format. Each original page was 8.5" tall by 5.5" wide.

Prior to April 2002, all of Pastor Dave's sermons were recorded through an acoustically-challenged audio system to low quality audio tape. These are being painstakingly remastered from analog to digital. These series will be posted here as each complete series is converted to .m4a. Check back frequently for the "new good-oldies!!!"

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2017